Some of the Valentine Items I have in stock:

Pop Tops to put on top of a cake:
Sugar Lay On Hearts   1/2" size
I only have the Red Boxes
Happy Hearts Suckers  V071 LoP
Smooches  90-1045
Med. Lg. Hearts   V152 LoP
Sunburst Sm. Hearts  90-1003
Hearts with filagee border  90-1019
Double Heart   90-1015
Lacey Love Heart   90-1006
Fancy Heart Suckers   90-1226
Hearts with Love Assortment  90-1800
LOVE (with sm. heart)  90-1008
Smiley Hearts   90-1009
2" Smooth Hearts   90-1026
Heart with Bear Sucker   90-1214
Textured Heart Suckers   90-1216
1 1/2" Heart Sucker   90-1201
Entangled Hearts Box
in 8 oz and 16 oz.
Hearts with border  90-1028
Hearts Pretzel  V144
1 1/4" Ribbed Heart 90-1041
Double Heart ChocoPick
Square with hearts  90-1029
Fits the box below
 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz. 
1/4 lb. box in stock
Loving Heart Box
in 8 oz and 16 oz.
90-1600.  Deep Hearts
90-1305   Heart Box
90-1238 Love Heart Suckers
90-1232. Double Heart Suckers
90-1223  Sunburst Heart Skr
90-1217  Heart Sucker
90-1215 Filigree Heart Sucker
90-16004 Heart Cookie
V159  Filled Hearts
V137  Triple Heart Pretzels
V057Bear w/Heart Suckers
V051 I Wuv You Suckers
V025  Triple Heart Sucker
1/2 lb. Bags & 1 lb. Bags
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