All Natural Beef
One of  the things that makes us unique and special is our own beef that we raise the way our grandparents did with NO added hormones or antibiotics.  Our steers are grain-fed from feed that we grind ourselves from our own grain products.  Not only is our beef healthy for you, but you can taste the difference!           Customers absolutely rave about our beef!  
All Natural Pork & Chicken
We also have all beef hot dogs made from our beef roasts.  No wondering what parts of the steer are in these hot dogs!
Besides our beef, we have our own-raised pork & chickens .

We have all the various pork cuts you would want and also
have a hog done up into Whole Hog Sausage. We have fresh 
sausage, smoked sausage and Italian sausage.

         We  started raising chickens the Spring of 2008.  These
         are sold by ordering ahead of time.  Customers order their
         chicken before they go in for processing.  The chickens
                    are processed according to how the customer wants it;    whole, cut up, etc.  The customer then picks up their chicken 
                in the afternoon of the day of processing.  These chickens are sold EXTREMELY FRESH!