Jack O' Lantern Suckers H049 
Scary Ghosts Suckers H030
Floating Ghost Suckers  H064
Headstone Suckers H119
Happy Ghost Suckers H050
Ghost Costume Suckers
Mini Pumpkins
Mummy Suckers H101
Pumpkin Pour Box H048
Bat, Ghost, Moon, Scarecrow
Maple Leaves
Day of the Dead
Fall Leaves
AO026 LoP

Bat Suckers  90-3206
Cat Suckers 90-3203
Bloodshot Eyeballs 90-3026
Haunted Tree Suckers90-3216
Turkey Suckers
3D Turkey Mold  90-3305

Pumpkin Head Pretzels
H116 LoP
Leaf Soap Mold
F094 LoP
Maple Leaves
F078 LoP
Oak Leaves
AO026 LoP
Acorns & Leaves
FO068  LoP
Sunflower Sucker
F083 LoP

Pumpkin Mints
H007  LoP
Small Ghost Suckers H043
Rats  H058 LoP
Spiders H061 LoP.
3D Pumpkins  H089 A  and H089 B.
Maple Leaves F078
Mini Halloween Mix  90-3133
Fall Mints 90-3119
Ghost Asstmt  90-3114
Pumpkins & Turkeys  90-3106
Scarecrows  90.3027
Small Pumpkins  90-3004
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