Happy Easter Hatching Chick  E185 LoP
Hatching Chick & Humpty Suckers E102
Name Egg E069
Hatching Chick E048 LoP
Pour Egg Box w/Bunny E180 LoP
Sm. Sleeping Ducks E412 LoP
Bite Size Lambs E009
Chick in Egg Shell  90-2021
Ducks   1.75"   90-2003
3D Panoramic Egg  90-2377
3D Eggs in 1lb &
       1/2 lb. Size
Egg Assortment  90-2518
Eggs Med/Lg  #016 LoP
Easter Assortment  E432 LoP
Easter Assortment  E010  LoP
Cross Suckers  90-7213
He is Risen with Cross  90-7013
Sm. Crosses  90-7001
2" Crosses  90-7008
3D Cross   E062 Lin
Cross & Chicks  90-2807
Happy Easter Suckers   90-2246
Easter Asstmt. Sucker 90-2244
Easter Asstmt. Mini  90-2114
Easter Mint Asstmt.  90-2130
Marshmallow Chick   E446
2 1/2" Egg  90-2602
4 1/8" Plain 3D Egg  90-2338
3D Egg with Ribbon  90-2382
Lg Eggs  #E017 LoP
Actual Egg Size  90-2608
3D Cross  90-C2312
Lg. Cross     R003 LoP
Bunny Pour Box   E155 LoP
Decorated Eggs
E014 LoP.
Lamb Sucker  E157 LoP
Bite Size Lilies E418 LoP
Bite Size Ducks E430 LoP.
Country Lamb Sucker  E187 LoP
Chick Asstmt.  E044 LoP
Happy Easter Eggs  E091 LoP
Lg. Nest E068 LoP
3D Chicken on Nest Sucker  E048 Lin
Duck Suckers  E012 RR
Lamb Suckers E001 RR
3D Rooster  E065 Lin
Happy Easter Cookie 
3D Ducky   E095 Lin
Sm. Carrots  E438 LoP
Sport Egg Suckers  E469 LoP
Sport Eggs  E469 LoP
Eggs w/flowers on them  E474 LoP
Assorted Carrot Sizes  E-120 Lin
Mini Easter Lay Ons   90-2133.
Oval Mint with Cross  90-7005
3D  Lambs   90-2335
Basket with Handle  E143LoP
Small Carrots   E438 LoP
Chick in Hat  E-006 R&R                 Chick Sucker   E-015 R&R        Hatching Chick   E-016 R&R
Patterned Cross   R010 LoP
Easter Assortment   90-2117
Cross with Base   R-024 LoP
Fancy Crosses   R-021 LoP.
Large Base Cross   R-025 LoP
Cross with Flower  R-067 LoP
Cookie with Cross  R-073 LoP
Easter Asstmt  90-2129
Asstd Lamb Sizes   E050 LoP
Chick in Egg Sucker   90-2226
Last Supper Candy Bar  R022 LoP
Small Eggs   E013 LoP
4"  1/2 lb. 3D Egg  90-2364
1 1/2" Eggs   90-2010
3" Happy Easter Egg  90-2606
2" Eggs   90-2516
5 1/2"   over 1 lb.  3D Egg   90-2416
Easter Pretzel   90-2903
What I did
What I did
What I made
What I made
Little Lambs   90-2049
Lamb Suckers 90-2255
Praying Hands & Crosses
Sm. Cross with Swirl  R075
5" Basket (2 piece)    E-149 Lin   $2.90