Bow-Tie Bunny  90-2237
Carrots & Eyes Mold  90-2118
Bunny w/basket E108 LoP
3 D sitting small bunny
Small boxes w/floppy ear bunny on top
Standing up 3D Bunny (small)
Oval Box w/ bunny on top   E180 LoP
This is a picture of what I had done with this mold.  Extremely cute done up!
Easter Bunny Asstmt   E005 LoP
Marshmallow Bunny  E445 LoP
Baby Bunny Face Suckers  E078 LoP
Stack Bunny  E429 LoP
These are the molds that are available for Hard Tac candies.  They will take the extreme heat where the normal chocolate molds will not.
Baby Sleeping Bunny  E415 LoP
Bite Size Bunnies  E000 LoP

8" Sitting Bunny E223A
8" Sitting Bunny E223B
Bunny E211B
Bunny E211A
Bunny Holding Basket E217A
Bunny Holding Basket E217B
Bunny on Cookie Mold E471 LoP
Bunny Bon Bons E448 LoP

6" Bunny with Carrot  90-2638
Box for 6" Bunny Mold #90-2638
Rabbit with Bow Tie  90-2618
Posing Bunny Choc. Bar  90-2621
Bunny with Carrot Suckers   90-2279
Bunny with Broken Egg   90-2224
Bunny on Cookie Mold  90-2124
Bunny 3D Big Foot   90-2345
3D 4 1/2" Bunny    90-2372
Bunny with Carrot     E400 LoP
Bunny holding flower   E138 LoP
Med. Hollow Chunky Bunny  E055 LoP
Bunny Pretzels  E449 LoP
Big Teeth Bunny Suckers E032 LoP
Be my Bunny E141 LoP
Chunky Bunny Sucker    E031 LoP
Hollow flop-earred Bunny   E056 LoP
Bite Size Long Ear Bunny   E002 LoP
Bunny with Carrot Sucker   E400 LoP
Bunny with Fancy Bow  E198 LoP
Bunny in Egg Sucker   E038 LoP
Cute Bunny Sucker   E039 LoP
3 Sizes of Bunnies   E047 LoP
Bunny Pour Box   E155 LoP
Happy Bunny Sucker   E194 LoP
Bunny painting Egg Sucker   E118LoP
Bunny With Egg   E049 LoP
Happy Bunny holding Carrots    E086 LoP
Bunny on Tractor    Side A        and Side B
          E223A  LoP                         E223B LoP
Bunny on Square    90-2038
Sm. Hollow Bunnies   90-2320
2 pc. sitting bunny    E-072  R&R
Bunny with eggs  E-004 R&R
Flop Ear Bunny  E011 R&R
Med. Size 3D Bunnies  90-2318 LoP
Bunny Pretzel  E033 R&R.
Bunny Hollow Lop Ear   E061 LoP