Cupcakes areqq quite the rave currently and the Cake Decorating industry is coming up with new items designed especially for the Cupcake maker.  This page shows some of the new products I have available for cupcake making and decorating.  Click on the Cupcake Papers tab below to go to a page to show the 100 plus cupcake liners available.  
Wilton's Scoop-it Batter Spoons
Wilton's Perfect Fill Batter Tip
Wilton's Two tone Cupcake Insert
These pictures portrays the various looks you can get for your cupcake depending on the type of tip you use.
Cupcake Corer
Bismark Tip used for filling cupcakes & pastries.
JEM Cupcake Tops Design 1
JEM Hearts Cutter Set
These JEM products are not just for cupcakes and would be used with fondant or gumpaste.