Current Prices *  as 11/1/2021 on Melting Chocolates are as follows:

Merckens Milk Chocolate - $3.65 lb.
Merckens Dark Chocolate - $3.65 lb.
Merckens White Choc. - $3.65 lb.
Merckens Super White - $4.00 lb.
Merckens Case Price is $3.00 lb.
Case of Milk and Dark is 50 lbs.
Case of Super White is 25 lbs.

Clasen's Alpine Coating Discs

Milk Chocolate - $3.50  lb.
Super White -  $3.50
Alpine by the 25 lb. case -  $2.74 lb.
                                                (Milk, Dark, or White)

Many different colors starting at $3.50 a lb.

Ambrosia Chocolate is now in disks instead of blocks
Ambrosia Milk Chocolate  - $3.20 lb. 

Ambrosia by the 50 lb. case -  $2.50 lb.

Sugar Free Milk Choc.  - $7.20 lb.
Sugar Free Dark Choc.  -  $5.80 lb.
Sugar Free White Choc. - $6.50

​*  Please note that prices are subject to change without notice*

I have had many inquiries about shipping chocolate.  I can ship 10 lbs. of chocolate to anywhere within the continental U.S. for $15.00 going Priority Mail.  If interested, please call (419) 281-2606 or email me at